About Us

The whole idea of Yana is to allow young women growing up, and ¬†women who are trying to find themselves, a conception of what they are working towards or providing them the confidence that declares you are…. with a positive resolution

To be a part of Yana you are embracing what it conveys. It is everything which is positive about being a woman, positive about the future, positive outcomes of struggles. You are not alone offers women an environment where they can feel comfortable, feel accepted and are able to understand that there is someone out there who has identical experiences to them.

When the name Yana I was born. I was alone and I felt I had no one I could talk to about the several issues I was experiencing. It then came to me as a prophecy you could say, Yana my mind thought. I then thought, well what does Yana mean? What does it stand for? I started to research what it meant, and the results I got was ‘God answers’. Then as I started to give deep thought about what each letter stood for I came up with: You Are Not Alone. It was to my realisation that there was many women around me, in the local area, the country, the world that have/are experiencing similar matters I have, but are unaware that someone else is and could actually be there to support and encourage them so they aren’t alone or suffer in silence.

The name Yana I discovered is a name given to a very gorgeous sweet girl. She’s very kind and very beautiful and not like anyone else you will ever meet. She always puts other’s needs ahead of hers and has the power to insistently make everything better. She is always positive and can put a smile on anybody’s face. For a Yana the sky is not the limit, there is no limit at all for a Yana. She likes to make dreams and push herself until she makes those dreams a reality. A Yana is the type of girl that you look at for the first time and know that she is probably “The One.” She is an amazing cook, and is great around children. She would make a great mom and wife one day. If you have ever met a Yana in your life make sure you never let her go, because a girl like her only comes around once in a lifetime. To be able to come across this information, was a definate affirmation, perfect. This would be the representation I would want young women to admire and inspire to be, if they were lost and trying to find themselves.

Yana creatively inspiring women to be themselves, live their dreams and grow through struggle.