Launch of book “A Woman’s Worth”

When your a young girl, you dream to do all types of things when you grow up; be a teacher, maybe famous, married, have kids a house and a car but unaware that a happily ever after can seem more like a distant fantasy than a happily ever after. The reality that to determine your desired destination, comes with hard work, hard choices to be made, hard consequences and hard truths.

In A WOMAN’S WORTH it explores the different directions, outcomes and damage that can become of a woman from abuse, prejudice and lack of self worth. The conflict which is that it can also conjure the beauty of strength, desirability and greatness of what a woman is within. A WOMEN’S WORTH is about four women who grow up unaware of each other, until circumstances allows them to cross each other’s path. What is be-known to them they share the same DNA.

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